Next Level Event Enhancements

When you combine talent, technology, and passion for next-level events, the outcome is simply unbelievable…

Looking to make your event so unforgettable that your guests will talk about it for years to come? Next Level Entertainment has you covered with the best event enhancements and unlimited possibilities. All our event enhancements listed below are available a la carte and can be fully customized to fit the needs of your event, theme, and budget.

Next Level Cold Sparks FX

Indoor Firework Fountains

Indoor firework fountains are NLE’s latest special FX enhancement. Light up your grand entrance, first dance, or packed dance floor with a stunning display of cold spark fountains. Smoke-free, non-toxic, and

Dancing On The Clouds

Walk on Cloud Nine At Your Wedding Reception

Feel as if you might be in heaven now that you’ve said: “I do”? Make this feeling a reality with NLE’s “Dancing on the Clouds” service. Our signature special FX creates a layer of clouds on the dance floor, so you and your partner can celebrate a magical first dance together as you celebrate your marriage.


Walk Through a Winter Wonderland

Transform your first dance into a romantic winter wonderland with NLE’s snow special FX. Our unique snowflakes glisten when the light hits them, surrounding you and your partner in a shimmering ambiance. When combined with our Uplighting and Dancing on the Clouds FX, your first dance will be unforgettably beautiful. This special FX service is perfect for any winter-themed event and brings the “wow” factor to your celebration.


Transform the Atmosphere of Any Event or Venue With NLE’s Professional Uplighting

Next Level Entertainment’s special FX and professional lighting can transform any event, creating a romantic and intimate ambiance or an energetic, vibrant party. Our lightscaping experts know exactly how to set the mood for your event and can even use your wedding colors to set the tone! We use the latest lighting technology to transform our venues without the use of cords and can accommodate spaces that are usually challenging to light.

Projection Mapping

Create Immersive Experiences at Your Next Event 

Next Level Entertainment is Hawaii’s premier projection mapping specialist, and the only DJ entertainment company on the island of Maui to offer this service. Projection Mapping is an innovative projection technique that uses professional software and high-resolution projectors to warm and blend images and videos so they fit perfectly on almost any surface. Whether you want fireworks projected at your first dance to show how the sparks fly or clouds on the walls and ceilings since you feel like you’re in heaven, our experts have you covered.

Monogram Projection

Bring Class and Personalization to Your Event 

Looking to elevate your event with projection mapping? Project your names, logo, or brand name with light on any surface at your event. Next Level Entertainment’s professional graphic designers specialize in creating logos that match the vibe of your event and make sure that your celebration stands out.

Cake Projection Mapping

Make Cutting the Cake a Memory That Lasts a Lifetime

Next Level Entertainment is proud to make every moment of your event extraordinary. We thought outside the box with our NLE Cake Projection Mapping, making your wedding cake 100% unique to you. Choose the video clip or photos that you want to display, and we’ll design, engineer, and project it to make it breathtakingly dynamic and of course, unforgettable.


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