Options For Your Event To Make It Simply Amazing

When you combine talent, dedication and technology, the outcome is simply amazing…

Looking to add that extra wow factor to your event? NLE got you covered. The possibilities is truly limited to the imagination. We can help to inspire you to think outside of the box. We encourage you to think big, to be different and more importantly to be amazing.

If you’ve seen it any of our recent or past events, or you have been dreaming of something magical we can definitely help you make it happen. All of the event enhancements below are available a la cate and can be customized to fit the needs of your event, theme or budget.

Give us a call at 808.357.1157 and we can start the journey to amazing…

NLE Cold Sparks FX

Indoor Firework Fountains

It’s our latest feature special fx enhancement. An Indoor Sparkular Fountain. Imagine your grand entrance, your first dance or your packed dance floor complimented by a beautiful display of cold sparks that do not produce smoke, are non toxic and add a definite “Wow” factor. Have up to 4 total fixtures ignite during your milestone moment to add a bit of visual awesome. If you are interested in learning more about our approved use indoor cold spark firework displays, please give us a call.

Dancing In Clouds

Floating on clouds as newlyweds

Imagine your first dance as husband and wife floating on beautiful clouds while surrounded by smiling friends and family. Moments like this don’t just happen, they’re created with the help of wedding effects experts! “Dancing in the Clouds” is one of our signature special FX and will leave your guests raving. We create a layer of cloud so you and your partner can float above the dance floor — and look just as elated as you feel.


Glisten and Sparkle on in a Snowy Wonderland

Transform your first dance into a romantic wonderland with our snow FX! Our soft snowflakes glisten when they hit lighting, surrounding you and your partner and creating just the right ambiance. When combined with our Uplighting and Dancing in Clouds FX, your first dance will be a hallmark of your wedding! It’s also the perfect Special FX for any winter themed event or celebration and always brings the wow factor.

Lightscaping “Uplighting”

Transform the atmosphere of any venue or event

Next Level Entertainment’s special effects and professional lighting can transform any event, creating an intimate ambiance or an energy filled party. Our lightscaping lighting FX experts know exactly how to set the right mood for your event. We can even use your wedding colors to set the tone! We stay up to date and use the latest in lighting technology, allowing us to transform any venue without cords or in previously difficult to light rooms.

Projection Mapping

Create Immersive Experiences or Magical New Worlds!

We are Maui’s Premier Projection Mapping Specialist. And we believe we are currently the only DJ Entertainment company on Maui that offers this service. Projection Mapping is an exciting projection technique where we use specialized professional software and very high powered projectors to warp and blend projected images and videos so they fit perfectly on almost any flat or irregularly-shaped surfaces or objects. With Projection Mapping, the possibilities are endless. You want fireworks during your first dance projected on the background? You want New York City as your backdrop? You want snow? You want clouds on the ceiling? You want an aquarium on the background? With our Projection Mapping experts we can definitely create immersive experiences or magical new worlds! Contact us today for more info.

Monogram Projection

Bring Class And Personalization To Your Event

Imagine walking into your event to see your names, logo or brand in light shinning on the dance floor or on any wall surface at your event. We specialize in creating these custom monograms, and you can decide to have it static or animated. If you don’t have an idea of what you want, we got you. We will connect you with our very own professional graphic designer to help bring your story and love into focus. Call us today for more details.

Cake Projection Mapping

Something Truly Extraordinary And Memorable

To make something outstanding, you need to think out of the box and a good way to do that is to enrich the common wedding elements with…technology. Welcome to NLE cake projection mapping. The only way to make your cake 100% unique and unrepeatable is projection mapping technology applied to wedding cakes. The idea is simple, you choose the video fragment or pictures and we design, engineer and project it on your cake to make it breathtakingly live! Call us today and ask for details.


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