Old School Friday Live

Da Jam 98.3 and Next Level Entertainment takes OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY to a whole new level for 2017! It’s OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY “LIVE” That’s right “LIVE” Next Level Entertainment’s most spectacular Old School Party goes live with the Da Jam 98.3 from its new party location. THE KING KAMEHAMEHA BALL ROOM becomes the new party destination for 2017. This party will definitely take you back to the days of Banana Moon, Spats, Tsunami’s and Blue Tropix. This party will feature an All Star cast with DJ’s and MC’s from Next Level Entertainment and Da Jam 98.3. Plus a very special guest DJ Maui’s own Legendary KEITH SHIMADA! OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY “LIVE” from THE KING KAMEHAMEHA BALL ROOM. For the rolling schedule every month follow Da Jam 98.3 on Facebook or Old School Friday Maui or log on to Mauinightclub.com to see view the monthly schedule.

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